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Revive Banana Smoothie - Details

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Revive Banana Smoothie

The fruit that is ranked fourth among the world's food crops in monetary value, rich in potassium also known as nutritional power house has been combined with milk to give you a satisfied feeling helping you not feel hungry for hours with all nutritional benefits and extremely delicious

₹ 60.00
Usually Delivered in 6 - 7 days


Ingredient contains : Milk, Banana Powder, Little Sugar

  • This delicious banana milk comes in a 200 ml cans and made of pure banana powder

  • It contains no artificial flavour, no preservatives, gluten free & is suitable for vegetarians

  • It is thick and creamy in consistency and tastes great for all seasons ie. Summer or winter

  • Shake well before use and safe for consumption for any age drinkers

  • It should be consumed immediately after opening and has a shelf life of 8 months

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