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Revive Beetroot Juice - Details

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Revive Beetroot Juice

Beetroot is an excellent source of folic acid and a good source of fibre, manganese and potassium . It is used from middle ages for treating illness related to digestion and blood Ingredients : Apple, Beetroot and Carrot Its ABC Detox juice, Little sugar and salt to spice up

₹ 60.00
Usually Delivered in 6 - 7 days


Size : 200 ml Can

Ingredient contains : Apple , Beetrooot, Carrot pulp and little sugar (ABC Detox Juice)

  • 100 % Natural Juice Made of real beetrooot carrot apple a perfect juice and for everyday life . Great juice to drink everyday morning for a great start

  • Loaded with all natural ingredients which helps in detox and digestion. ABC juice is has Vitamins And minerals and delays The Aging Process get one for yourself

  • Contains No Artificial colour or any kind of preservative which great usually other juices are full of thickner and preservatives it may give feel good but does not contain real ingredients

  • Detox juice and energy juice to make your day healthy it improves immune system to fight diseases and gives you better and healthy lifestyle so please pamper yourself

  • It is very important in very fast life to have a drink which can give you good health in a very convenient way . it comes in 200 ml ready to drink can

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