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Revive Lemon ice tea - Details

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Revive Lemon ice tea

Relish the lemonary tanginess with the goodness of tea. Iced tea is an all-time favorite when it comes to beating the hot summers. Not only refreshing but also rejuvenating. Rich in Vitamin C

₹ 40.00
Usually Delivered in 6 - 7 days


Ingredient contains : Lemon Oil, Black Tea Extract, Citric Acid (Rich in Vitamin C)

  • Natural Refreshing Drink Enjoy Revive iced tea for refreshing yourself on a hot summer day rich in vitamin C it does not contain any artificial flavour

  • Tea Extract: Iced Tea made with tea extract. Made of real tea decoction to make you feel refreshing and energetic

  • Rich in Vitamin C: Contains the goodness of Vitamin C with amazing lemon oil for health

  • Amazing Flavour: Has a refreshing tangy lemon flavour

  • It comes in 220 ml ready to drink handy recyclable can. In good looking met finish can one can enjoy with meal or get refresh anytime anywhere

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