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Revive Masala Dry Fruit - Details

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Revive Masala Dry Fruit

Masala dry fruit milk is rich with all the dry fruit available in market. It gives you a royal and healthy feeling just like our king’s and queen’s. It takes you back to our beautiful heritage Ingredients : Milk, Kesar , Cardamom and other spice mix, sugar

₹ 60.00
Usually Delivered in 6 - 7 days


Ingredients : ‎Pure Milk, Almonds, Pistacho, Kesar, Cardamom, Little sugar and other spice mix

  • Delicious Masala dry Fruit milk comes in a 200 ml cans with natural dryfruits and spices

  • It contains no artificial flavour, no preservatives, gluten free & is suitable for vegetarians

  • It is thick and creamy in consistency and tastes great for all seasons ie. Summer or winter

  • Shake well before use and safe for consumption for any age drinkers

  • It should be consumed immediately after opening and has a shelf life of 8 months

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